I would like to use the template elsarticle.lyx, but apparently I'm missing elsarticle.cls. Unfortunately I don't have root rights, so I can't follow most instructions on the web on installing new packages. What I did instead was to get the elsarticle package from CTAN, and put it in a directory ~/texmf. The environment variable TEXMFHOME was not defined, so I executed export TEXMFHOME=$HOME/texmf/, followed by a call of texhash. From what I can tell that worked just fine. Now I reconfigure and restart LyX, but it still complains about the missing elsarticle.cls when I try to use the template.

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I found the solution. I noticed that even when not using LyX, but plain LaTeX, the class file was not found. This is because the LaTeX package was expecting it to live in ~/texmf/tex/latex. Once I moved the elsarticle files into that subdirectory, everything fell into place.

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