I'm currently working on setting up the appendices for a dissertation project, which are going to contain +100 figures from several individual parametric studies.

The majority of the figures have are included as EPS-files hence the challenge relates to conversion of the many eps-files having. Note, the files have the same names across the subsets of the parametric studies. Therefore when having specified the epstopdf-outdir in the preamble** and consequently converting the picture files with epstopdf the files overwrite in some instances and others they don't so the result is a mess.

Using renewcommand appears inapplicable when trying to specify a subdirectory in the document body to the initially specified conversion-folder.

Any suggestions will be very appreciated.

** Suggested work-around to deal with error of converted files not found (Converted EPS not found with TeX Live 2012 and Windows 8).





\chapter{Main report}

\chapter{Parametric study}

\section{Subset A}
\caption{Parametric study - subset A.}

\section{Subset B}
\caption{Parametric study - subset B.}

Folder structure and examples of eps files can be obtained here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fi3hwr93ylbpruo/epstopdf_outdir_example.zip


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The error is here:


This destroys \epstopdfsetup and the setting outdir is not seen by package epstopdf.

Use \epstopdfsetup directly:


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