Consider the following code:

{\lstset{breaklines=true,language=test, basicstyle=\color{blue}\tiny}}

-- Testing 8*8=64

compiling with pdflatex gives the following output:

enter image description here

As seen, the asterix * does not show up in the listings comment..

If I don't use the stix package, it works fine:

enter image description here


If you look in the log file, you see the origin of the problem:

Missing character: There is no * in font ts1-stixgeneral-italic!

This happens as soon as you try to output an italic * with listings. That's because listings tries to substitute * with \textasteriskcentered which unfortunately doesn't exist in the right variant when using the current stix fonts release (STIXv1.1.0-latex). A simple workaround is to redefine \textasteriskcentered to be a mathematical *:

Testing 8*8=64

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