I use \documentclass[11pt,captions=nooneline]{scrartcl} and I would like to know how I can achieve better margins than default. Apparently, the typerea package can help but I find the documentation confusing. How can I obtain a golden margin ratio? What are the best margin choices for scientific articles?

  • Most of the scientific articles have fixed templates dictated by the publisher. If you are making your own then geometry package is really convenient but needs some manual reading. KOMA should have similar settings too,
    – percusse
    Aug 11 '13 at 20:44

If you are writing in the European area, KOMA script already provides kind of the golden ratio. Sometimes it looks a little new in the beginning but it is really nice and professional typesetting. I wouldn't change to much manually.

For easy change of margin, at first I would play around with the option DIV=. Try values from 10 to 12 for the beginning.

What is happening there and how e.g. to correct the binding side with BCOR= or how to in- or exclude the headers, footers and side remarks from the type area can be read in the KOMA documentation. As an example:

    ,fontsize=11pt % I believe that is already default
    ,DIV=11 % calculation of the typearea
    ,BCOR=12mm % binding correction for the left/inner side

bla blup

If you prefer to switch the margins or if you have to, the package geometry is used widely but I don't use it and therefore am not the right person to explain that. You can have a look on CTAN of course.


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