Is it nowadays possible to open the compiled pdf at that position, where the last change happend, using the aforementioned TeXnicCenter and Adobe Reader?

I used my favourite search engine ;) but didn't found anything, except some threads from 2011 where they stated, that it would not be possible.

But then I found, that the hyperref package has a setting \hypersetup{...} with pdfstartpage but I didn't get it to work.

If the anwser is still: "It's not possible!", my next question would be: which setup/programs should I use, so that it is possible? Or isn't it possible in general?

Many thanks in advance.


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The hyperref Package is only for the "after-compile-use". The feature you are searching for is forward search. As far as I know forward search is not possible with Adobe Reader. I am using SumatraPDF with TeXnicCenter. Forward and inverse search is working.

At a pdf outputting profile, use this settings:

Insert -synctex=1 in the commandline of the compiler. ((La)TeX tab)

Open with SumatraPDF DDEcommand: (viewer tab)


Server: SUMATRA Topic: Control

Forward Search with DDE command (in the viewer tab):


Server: SUMATRA Topic: Control

Inverse Search with Sumatra: (modify at "path of executable" in viewer tab)

"Path to SumatraPDF" -inverse-search "\"Path to TeXnicCenter\" /ddecmd \"[goto('%f', '%l')]\""

And choose do not close at the viewer tab.

The forward and inverse search only works with PDF or DVI output. For DVI you have to modify the DVI-output-profile with an forward-inverse-search-compatible DVI-viewer. (for Example YAP)

For another excellent explantaion for the use of SumatraPDF and TeXnicCenter look at this Question and Willam Blums site

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