With the following document class:


and the following bib file and style:


\bibliography{References} or \bibliography{IEEEfull,References}

and using the natbib package, I had some problems with my references; for example, some of them were shown as “?” in the body of the text.

The problem got fixed by changing the style to the following:


Everything is perfect except for the order of the authors’ names. Thus, I have the following order:

First Name, Family Name, Title Vol (Number), (Year) Pages.

but I need to have Family names coming first so that I can have all the names alphabetically ordered. I am wondering if there are any changes that I can make to have this implemented based on the same document class (i.e., report) and bibliography style (i.e., elsarticle-num-names).

I also tried other bibliography styles but no perfect fix. For example, based on:


Everything is fine but the URLs are not shown in the reference list. For example, everything related to the following item is shown except for the URL:

  author = {{Tex}},

  month = {August},

  year = {2013},

  title = {{Description of a Reference Problem}},

  note = {Accessed August 2011},

  url = {http://tex.stackexchange.com},

Many thanks in advance,


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