I am not able to find how to call different fonts family in latex. Could someone help me out or any link will be useful.


\topmargin -2.5cm
\parindent 0cm
\textheight 27.5cm
\parskip 3mm

\oddsidemargin -1cm
\evensidemargin 0cm





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    Take a look at the answer to this question. Does it help? – TH. Mar 7 '11 at 6:39

To learn to apply a font to the whole document (if it isn't be default) see:

How to make an exotic font the default through the whole document

If you are looking for other fonts the best place to look is the Font Catalogue:


and/or see the following questions:

Typefaces that come with the standard LaTeX distribution on the TeX Live

Which LaTeX fonts can be practically considered as available on most platforms?

What fonts are available for LaTeX?

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