I have to type many books in Latex, where some chapters are quite similar to each other. My idea was to do one chapter in a directory and outsource the differences in a subdirectory where the main file is.

like this:


The several book files would include the content file, while the content file includes the differences file.

My question now is: is it possible to NOT include the whole differences file? so I could say in the contents file:

 ...some text...
 \include code-fragment 1 from differences
...some other common text
\include code-fragment 2 from differences

so I would not have to make plenty differences files for everything that is not common.

I hope my question is clear :) Many thanks


Thanks for the idea, WillAdams, it didn't work at first (maybe I made a mistake?), but if I put it the other way around it works:

The main file then looks like this:


  .1. ..some text...\\


  2. ...some other common text\\



and the file code-fragment:

  different text to appear under `1'

  different text to appear under `2'
  • I always manage to mess up the simple binary stuff --- pasted stuff in the wrong order I guess --- glad you got it working. – WillAdams Aug 19 '13 at 1:19

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