I´m wondering if you can include an email hyperlink in a PDF, that will not only open my mail application with the specified mail address, but also insert a subject, which I specified in LaTeX?

I found something, that hints in the right direction, however, I seem to be unable to make it work. There is the "pracjourn" class, which is supposed to have this implemented in the following macro from http://ctan.uib.no/macros/latex/contrib/pracjourn/pracjourn.pdf (p.15):

This macro takes three arguments to typeset a mailto email hyperlink. The #1 takes the email address, #2 takes the default subject of the email, and #3 is the text to appear in the output as the hyperlink.

230 \newcommand\tpj@compose@mailto[3]{%
231 \edef\@tempa{mailto:#1?subject=#2 }%
232 \edef\@tempb{\expandafter\html@spaces\@tempa\@empty}%
233 \href{\@tempb}{#3}}

I don´t really know what to do with that macro... Even using the pracjourn class doesn´t support this command, which is obviously due to the @ in the command name and I can only guess, that this is not meant for LaTeX, but TeX?!


Your copied piece of code is not complete. If you look into the pdf you will find a few more lines.

I put all together to a compiling MWE:


\newcommand\myemail[3]{%                %\newcommand\tpj@compose@mailto[3]{%
\edef\@tempa{mailto:#1?subject=#2 }%

\def\html@spaces#1 #2{#1%20\ifx#2\@empty\else\expandafter\html@spaces\fi#2}


\section{Test Email}

An email adress: \myemail{john.doe@doe.ab}{Subjekt}{Text in pdf}


I renamed the macro to \myemail and it needs tree arguments, the email adress to send to (john.doe@doe.ab), the subject (Subjekt) and an text (Text in pdf) to be showed in the resulting pdf for the link (could be the email adress, if you want). The macro \html@space changes the blanks to %20.

  • is it correct that the part of code after \def\html@spaces#1 #2{#1 seems to be commented because of %? – Vladimir Parkhomenko Nov 14 '17 at 8:53

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