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How can I automatically calculate sums in a LaTeX table?

Does anyone know if the is a TeX/LaTeX package which will make an ordinary tabular environment work as a simple spreadsheet? I am using LaTeX to generate invoices. The invoice is a tabular environment with one row per item and the item amount in the last column. The item amount is entered as a simple number, then a macro prints it with the $ sign. I am looking for something that will add up all the numbers in the last column, calculate the total and show it in the last row, last column. Thanks. Buddy.

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I know spreadtab

This is a very fine package and you can make a lot of things with this package. I know the author so if you have a problem, I can help you.

  • This looks like a very interesting package! – Alan Munn Mar 7 '11 at 17:05

You can use the datatool to either generate the data or read it in from a CSV spreadsheet file. The package can do calculations on the data from within your document as well.