Suppose I have the following graph:


 \SetVertexNormal[Shape      = circle,
             LineWidth  = 1pt]
  \SetUpEdge[lw         = 1pt,
       color      = black,
       labelcolor = white,
     labelstyle = {sloped,text=black}]

  \Vertex[x=0 ,y=0]{A}
  \Vertex[x=3 ,y=3]{B}
  \Edge[label = $1$](A)(B)

I know how to change the vertex fill color and the vertex text color, but I'd like to be able to change the color of the actual outline of the vertex--i.e., the vertices in this code should have a red outline. Any ideas?

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You should add the option LineColor=red in \SetVertexNormal command.


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