I am trying to attain a specific effect often seen on dials, gauges and telegraphs from the early 1900's e.g. from this link

enter image description here example of the font scaled

As these where hand-drawn these would generally use a fix-width stroke yet be transformed radially or otherwise sheared as to follow the dial, gauge or strip its shape.

Now if one transforms a (modern) font 'normally' then rather than a fixed-width stroke; one gets the width of the strokes transformed too.

So I am wondering if is possible to easily extract, for each glyph, the stroke-path of a metafont - so I can use that as the basis of a set of strokes one can then transform and 'paint' across fixed with. Or if one could extract such easily from one of the intermediate formats.


Guess this is not really an answer - but found the Hershey fonts and created some code:

Hershey Engraving Fonts (github)

to accomplish this 'raw' as Bezier paths.

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