This is actually a follow up question to How do I truncate the author list and substitute et al.? where I was advised to open a new question.

I would like to use \citet or \citeasnoun apparently depending on packages natbib or havard in my text. I have several citation where I get a larger number of authors printet in text which is annoying. I was hoping that this could be easily solved and found the old thread where I was advised to use natbib. Unfortunately natbib somehow does not work as descirbed and tex still prints Ghosh, Levin, Macmillan, and Wright (2004) instead of Gosh et al. (2004). I occasionally have the same problem.

    \usepackage[a4paper, left=3cm, right=3cm, top=3cm, bottom=3cm]{geometry}

    blabla \citet{ghosh2004gold}


Does somehow not work for me. The bibtex entry should be.

      author = {Dipak Ghosh and Eric J Levin and Peter Macmillan and Robert E Wright
      title = {Gold as an inflation hedge?},
      journal = {Studies in Economics and Finance},
      year = {2004},
      volume = {22},
      pages = {1--25},
      number = {1},
      publisher = {Emerald Group Publishing Limited}

Thats actually somethign that has been bugging me forever.. Any ideas why it does not work for me?

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Apparently it was enough to change from econometric to chicago


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