Is it possible in LYX to change the margins for one page or one paragraph only ? I am trying to insert logos that need to be closer to the sides of page. Thanks !

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This may or may not be suitable for your specific case. If it misses the mark, please describe in more detail what you want to achieve.

  1. Document --> Settings --> LaTeX Preamble, add

  2. Where you want the narrower margins to start, add an ERT with Ctrl + L, and write


    in it. The first length extends the inside margin, the second extends the outside margin. If you use the unstarred version, i.e. \begin{adjustwidth}{-2cm}{-2cm}, they are the left and right margins, respectively.

  3. Step outside the ERT, add the logos, and whatever else should be there. In the screenshot below, I added the first image, then Insert --> Formatting --> Horizontal space --> Horizontal fill, then the second image.

  4. Close the environment with a new ERT, containing


enter image description here

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