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This is my first question here. I'm not a LaTeX expert and I'm writing my theses now. Anyway, I had to use multibib so that I can list my publications towards the beginning of the theses document and also still have the full bibliography at the end.

However, I ran into many problems that were fixed. The only problem I'm having now is that I want to get rid of the title associated with the references I'm using to list my publications. This is what I'm using now:

\newcites{nu}{I don't want this title}

I want to get rid of the title because the template I'm using already specifies a title for that section. How do I go about this?

I tried


but that did not work and is giving me 'undefined control sequence errors' whenever i refer to nu such as in \nocitenu{w1,w2}...etc

I also tried to change the font color of the title to match the background and thus disappear, but that also did not work.

Any thoughts?

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