I want to use the package biblatex-chicago for citations.

I have a file with the following content:

\parencite[see][p.\ 2]{doe:2013}

This is the content of the file myBibliography.bib:

 author               = {Doe, John},
 month                = {5},
 title                = {The Title},
 yournaltitle         = {The Journal},
 year                 = {2013},

Typesetting yields

Doe (2013)
(seep. 2)

However, one should get

Doe (2013)
(see Doe 2013, p. 2)

Can anybody reproduce this result?

Is this due to a bug in the biblatex-chicago package?


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According to the biblatex-chicago documentation this is actually expected and intended behaviour and can be turned off with the preamble option noibid.

noibid At the request of an early tester, I have included this option to allow you globally to turn off the ibidem mechanism that biblatex-chicago-authordate uses by default. This mechanism doesn’t actually print “Ibid,” but rather includes only the postnote information in a citation, i.e., it will print (224) instead of (Author 2000, 224). Setting this option will mean that none of these shortened citations will appear automatically.

from § 5.4.3, p. 108, "noibid" biblatex-chicago documentation

It does look weird though, expecially with pre- and postnotes together. In that case, one could modify the cite:ibid macro to add a space between the pre and the postnote:

      {Empty Ibidem citation}}%
    {\ifboolexpr{not (test {\iffieldundef{prenote}} or test {\iffieldundef{postnote}})}{\addspace}{}\toggletrue{cms@inlineibid}}}}% <--- modify here

If you want more or less proper ibidem, use this redefinition


Compare the output of the following documents.

Standard \usepackage[authordate,backend=biber,bibencoding=utf8]{biblatex-chicago}, no modifications.

\documentclass[american, ngerman]{article}

  author        = {Walter Ordsmith},
  editor        = {Eddie Ditor},
  title         = {The Work},
  subtitle      = {Subtitle},
  date          = {1983},

  \parencite[see][p.\ 2]{testbook}


enter image description here

As above with noibid: \usepackage[noibid,authordate,backend=biber,bibencoding=utf8]{biblatex-chicago}.

enter image description here

As above with modifications to cite:ibid to add spaces. enter image description here

As above with modifications to cite:ibid for ibidem. enter image description here


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