I use the datatool package to read CSV files and print them as tables. Before printing I want to sort the rows. The problem is that the file was written with R and some rows contain normal numbers (like 0.124) and some contain numbers in scientific format (e.g. 1.23e-4).

How can I tell datatool to interpret both values as numerical and sort accordingly?

  • Can you provide a MWE? – karlkoeller Aug 22 '13 at 14:14
  • Do you know Sweave and xtable in R? – Fran Aug 23 '13 at 1:01

You don't need datatool, at least for this work. You can sort the data without showing scientific notation and make a beautiful table just inserting some R code in your LaTeX file and compile with Sweave (or knitr).

To do in this way, you LaTeX document must have a .Rnw extension and compile in two steps with:

R CMD Sweave MWE.Rnw % this make MWE.tex 
pdflatex MWE.tex     % this make MWE.pdf

If you file have crossreferences, as usual, you must repeat the pdflatex compilation. If only a pdflatex run is needed, you can make all with R:

R CMD Sweave --pdf  MWE.Rnw % this make the MWE.pdf

(Note: RStudio understand .Rnw files and make all these steps with one click.)

This is the example: (the external data source is typed verbatim, you can copy this part and save as text.csv to test the code):


Raw file \texttt{text.csv}: 

minor, big
0.34552, 25
1.23e-4, 34
5.45677223344, 12
0.000001, 99

R display in plain text by default 
a  <- read.table("text.csv", header=TRUE, sep=",")
R display ordered and rounded:
round(a[order(a$minor), ],4)
In R also but with  \LaTeX{} style
xtable(a[order(a$minor), ], caption="My ordered table",digits=4)


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