I was working with a software called KNIME and I needed to cite this software for, the citation provided by the website is in the BibTeX format.

author = {Michael R. Berthold and Nicolas Cebron and Fabian Dill and Thomas R. Gabriel and
Tobias K\"{o}tter and Thorsten Meinl and Peter Ohl and Christoph Sieb and Kilian Thiel and
Bernd Wiswedel},
title = {{KNIME}: The {K}onstanz {I}nformation {M}iner},
booktitle = {Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization (GfKL 2007)},
publisher = {Springer},
ISBN = {978-3-540-78239-1},
ISSN = {1431-8814},
year = {2007}

I am not a BibTeX or even a LaTeX user. But I would like to convert this citation into the endnote format. I tried to find a way to do that online but failed. Can anyone help me with this?



If you type convert bibtex to endnote into Google, the first search result is this Java program. There is also JabRef, although this is a full-featured bibliography manager.

  • Hi ChrisS, I have downloaded the program, pasted my biblography into the textbox, and saved it via "Save endnote XML". The saved file was of 0 bytes size and did not import into the endnote, although i used the "Import > Endnote generated XML". Any idea what went wrong here? Sorry if this sounds very technical, but it is my first time using the Java and LaTeX environment! Cheers.
    – Error404
    Aug 23 '13 at 11:24
  • @Error404 I don't know what went wrong; I tried it on my own computer and it worked. I've uploaded the result to Pastebin for you.
    – ChrisS
    Aug 23 '13 at 11:40
  • the link is broken
    – Arco Bast
    Nov 8 '21 at 18:39

I put this BibTeX entry into JabRef.

File->export marked entry - In the save interface choose format: Endnote (*.txt) and save the file. (naming can be slightly wrong. I translated to English from my German JabRef...)

The result:

%0 Conference Proceedings
%A Berthold, Michael R.; Cebron, Nicolas; Dill, Fabian; Gabriel, Thomas R.; K\"o,tter, Tobias; Meinl, Thorsten; Ohl, Peter; Sieb, Christoph; Thiel, Kilian & Wiswedel, Bernd
%D 2007
%T KNIME: The Konstanz Information Miner
%B Studies in Classification, Data Analysis, and Knowledge Organization (GfKL 2007)
%I Springer
%@ 978-3-540-78239-1

%3 inproceedings
%F BCDG+07


Suppose the path of your bibtex file is D:\abc.bib and the path of JabRef is D:\JabRef-3.0.jar, you can generate endnote file D:\abc.enw using the following command on windows:

D:\JabRef-3.0.jar -o D:\abc.enw,endnote -n true D:\abc.bib

Click here for the reference of the command line options.

You can also create a windows batch script (.bat) for conversion when a .bib file is open by the following steps.

  1. Create batch script bib2enw.bat containing

    D:\JabRef-3.0.jar -o D:\abc.enw,endnote -n true %1


  2. Associate .bat files with the batch script bib2enw.bat

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