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Can anybody help me with the following: I want to insert a PDF page into my Latex-file, however after I accomplish that, the header is not shown on that page that I have integrated. Is there any possibility to make the header visible? I used the package pdfpages.

Here is my code:

\usepackage{amsmath, amssymb, graphicx, pgfplots, tikz, booktabs, tabularx, float, pgfplotstable, fancyhdr, subfigure, pdfpages}
\usepackage[left=40mm, top=30mm, right=20mm, bottom=20mm, headsep=12.5mm, headheight=3mm]{geometry}
\rhead{\makebox[0pt][r]{Here is my header}

Thanks for the help!

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Section 2.2 of the »pdfpages« manual introduces the pagecommand option for the \includepdf command. Hence you should try something like this.


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