I have three BibTeX files set up:

  • main.bib, which contains all the main reference entries for papers. These use crossref to reference entries in...
  • crossrefs.bib which contains all the details of conferences and journals. This draws upon...
  • strings.bib, which contains string definitions of things like conference names.

This works fine when compiling latex documents. However, I wish to convert all my citations into xml format to be imported into MS Word – this is causing me some troubles.

The method I have used to convert my bib files to xml is:

  • Import all .bib files into JabRef
  • Export as xml format

However, the crossrefs remain as crossrefs in the exported file. When used in MS Word, therefore, only the title and author of each paper is visible in each citation.

I would like all the entries to be consolidated, such that each entry in my main file contains all the details from crossrefs.bib and strings.bib.

Is there a script (or JabRef option/alternative) which will perform this consolidation of crossrefs and strings?


The BibTeX files are set up as in this answer.

In JabRef the entries look like this:

enter image description here

The crossrefs haven't been populated but I believe JabRef does understand cross-referencing.

An example entry from the xml output is as follows:

<b:Title>{3D}-Based Reasoning with Blocks, Support, and Stability</b:Title>



As you can see, the crossref remains, and Word cannot resolve this. It appears in the bibliography as so:

enter image description here

(The braces {} also remain, but this is less of an issue...)

I imagine a solution to this problem would also help people who have begun their BibTeX files with crossrefs but now want to revert to a non-crossref solution!

  • I know :). I have provided some explanation of what my files look like. The answer which has been linked below the EDIT line shows how the crossreferencing has been set up. – Bill Cheatham Aug 28 '13 at 13:57
  • You can probably do it with biber. – cfr Jan 4 '15 at 4:28
  • bibtool has capabilities along these lines, expanding strings which it calls macros and extracting data from cross-refs. See the documentation on ctan.org/pkg/bibtool?lang=en – Andrew Swann Jul 8 '15 at 18:35

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