I am using the todonotes package's missingfigure command as placeholders for images that I will add to my document in the future. Is there anyway to \ref{} these images? That is, I want to add text like:

`This is shown in Figure \ref{OneOfMyMissingFigures}.`

Is this possible? I didn't see any way to give it a label in the todonotes documentation.


The \label must be inside o after \caption in a figure float, so the only missing element must be \includegraphics, temporally replaced with \missingfigure. Example:


The figure \ref{nicefigure} is nice, but the missing figure \ref{OneOfMyMissingFigures} will be stunning. 
Some text 

\missingfigure{\Huge Nice this triangle?}
\caption{Some caption}


Some more text
\missingfigure{\Huge I need the image, now!}
\caption{A missing figure}
  • Ah it's that easy! I guess assumed it was already in a figure environment. Thanks. – David Doria Aug 29 '13 at 11:41

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