I would like to get the character 'ʟ̟' (small caps L with + diacritic).

I am using the TIPA package. When I combine the TIPA for the L with the TIPA for the diacritic, my code won't compile. I get the error ! Argument of \T3\; has an extra }.



This works: \textipa{\;L}    
And this works: \begin{IPA}\;L\end{IPA}    
And this works: \textscl

This diacritic works: \begin{IPA} \|+l \end{IPA}

%But this stops it compiling \begin{IPA} \|+\;L \end{IPA}

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    Try \begin{IPA} \|+{\;L} \end{IPA} Aug 29, 2013 at 7:47

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with additional braces.

The command \| executes \@omniaccent that requires two arguments, so with \|+\;L the second argument is \;, which is wrong.

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