I am trying to show a directory structure of a tree using the listings package like so:

├── controllers
│   ├── application_controller.rb

what I get looks like this:


when I use


the error given is:

Package inputenc Error: Unicode char \u8:\lst@FillFixed@\lst@EC not set up for use with LaTeX. [├── ]

trying with utf8x gives:

./directory_listing.txt:1: Package utf8x Error: MalformedUTF-8sequence. [├── ]


a p p l i c a t i o n _ c o n t r o l l e r . rb


âŤIJâŤĂâŤĂ controllers
âŤĆÂăÂă âŤIJâŤĂâŤĂ application_controller.rb

If I do not include the utf8 line.

Is there a way to get it to correctly encode the emdashes, pipes and three way pipes so that they show in the output? (P.s. I need some form of [T1]fontenc or underscores are not displayed correctly elsewhere.)

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    Try the dirtree package, it is better suited in what you are trying to do. – Yiannis Lazarides Aug 30 '13 at 17:56
  • @YiannisLazarides thanks, this package looks helpful, is there a way to include this package within a listing as I have a lot of listings along with a listings contents. – Mike H-R Aug 31 '13 at 4:20

There is a work-around, using the pmboxdraw package and listings' escapechar command, that allows to insert Latex code in listings environments:

Here is my code (note that I can insert \LaTeX code between ``@''):

for i in @\LaTeX@:
    print @$\sum_i$@

Now, let's print the characters you are interrested in:

@\pmboxdrawuni{251D}\pmboxdrawuni{2501}@ controllers
@\textSFxi@  @\pmboxdrawuni{251D}\pmboxdrawuni{2501}\pmboxdrawuni{2501}@ application_controller.rb


enter image description here

There might be Lualatex or XeLaTex solutions to use unicode characters: would that be an option for you?

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