I'm using classicthesis 4.1 in LyX to write my thesis and I need help with the page numbering.

How do I force the all page numbers to stay at the lower right corner?


classicthesis uses the scrpage2 package to customize the headers and footers; you can add the page to the footer alway to the right with a redefinition of the scrheadings page style:


%    \DeclareRobustCommand{\fixBothHeadlines}[2]{} % <--- ToDo
    % hack to get the content headlines right (thanks, Lorenzo!)



\chapter{Test chapter}
\section{Test section}


A detail of the bottom of two consecutive pages:

enter image description here

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  • You mean package scrpage2? – karlkoeller Aug 30 '13 at 20:48
  • @karlkoeller hahaha! Of course! I've fixed it. Thanks! – Gonzalo Medina Aug 30 '13 at 20:54
  • @GonzaloMedina Thank you, it did the job for the arabic page numbering, but unfortunately not the roman page numbering on the Frontmatter. It runs with \frenchspacing \raggedbottom \pagenumbering{roman} \pagestyle{plain}. – SplitteMineBramsejl Aug 30 '13 at 21:43
  • @user212704 seems like you need to redefine the plain style. – Gonzalo Medina Aug 30 '13 at 21:45

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