I'm trying to define a size for the arrowhead of a style, like this:

\begin{tikzpicture} [line/.style={draw, ->, >=stealth, arrowhead=1cm}]
    % define nodes
    % define links
    \path[line] (node1) -- (node2)

However, tikz complains that it does not understand arrowhead inside style definition. What is the correct syntax for customizing the arrowhead of a style?

P.S. I looked at the answers in Is it possible to change the size of an arrowhead in TikZ/PGF?, but none of them customizes the arrow head inside a style.


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You need to download the files

You can then load the new arrow tip definitions with


which allows you to use the arrow head option.

The effect of which are only visible if you actually use the new arrow head tips. In your case, this would be -stealth new or >=stealth new (but it doesn’t make sense to use -> and set > in the same style as you could just as well write -stealth new).

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