I'm new to making LaTeX presentation.

I'm using beamer type as documentclass. After the title slide, I have the table of contents slide. Now in the table of contents slide I don't want to show the subsection, but in the Outline slide that is shown at the beginning of each section I want to show the section and the subsection highlighted.

How do I do so?

This is the link to my code. I read some of the questions here but none really satisfied my needs.

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You can add hideallsubsections as an option to the main ToC, i.e.

\begin{frame}{Table of Contents}

Another way would be to uncomment \setcounter{tocdepth}{1}, and add \setcounter{tocdepth}{2}right after the frame with the main ToC.




\title{The Title}
\author[F. Author]{F.author\inst{1}\and S. Autor\inst{2}}
\institute[University of Somewhere and Elsewhere] {

\AtBeginSubsection[] {



\begin{frame}{Table of Contents}

\section{First Main Section}

\subsection{First Subsection}

\begin{frame}{First Slide Title}{Optional Subtitle}
  \item {
    My first point.
  \item {
    My second point.

\subsection{Second Subsection}

% You can reveal the parts of a slide one at a time
% with the \pause command:
\begin{frame}{Second Slide Title}
  \item {
    First item.
    \pause % The slide will pause after showing the first item
  \item {   
    Second item.
  % You can also specify when the content should appear
  % by using <n->:
  \item<3-> {
    Third item.
  \item<4-> {
    Fourth item.
  % or you can use the \uncover command to reveal general
  % content (not just \items):
  \item<5-> {
    Fifth item. \uncover<6->{Extra text in the fifth item.}

\section{Second Main Section}

\subsection{Another Subsection}

\begin{block}{Block Title}
You can also highlight sections of your presentation in a block, with it's own title
There are separate environments for theorems, examples, definitions and proofs.
Here is an example of an example block.

% Placing a * after \section means it will not show in the
% outline or table of contents.

    The \alert{first main message} of your talk in one or two lines.
    The \alert{second main message} of your talk in one or two lines.
    Perhaps a \alert{third message}, but not more than that.

      Something you haven't solved.
      Something else you haven't solved.

% All of the following is optional and typically not needed. 
\subsection<presentation>*{For Further Reading}

  \frametitle<presentation>{For Further Reading}


  % Start with overview books.

    \newblock {\em Handbook of Everything}.
    \newblock Some Press, 1990.

  % Followed by interesting articles. Keep the list short. 

    \newblock On this and that.
    \newblock {\em Journal of This and That}, 2(1):50--100,


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