Iam trying to put a figure on my a0poster. But I get the error message: LaTeX error: Float(s) lost; and my figure is suppressed. I have subdivided my a0poster into regions using minipages. My figures are in eps-format. The figures get converted into pdf without problems. Could somebody give me a hint how to overcome my problem?

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    figure is a floating environment which doesn't really make sense on a poster, you can just include an image with \includegraphics Sep 1, 2013 at 20:22

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  • Do not use \centerline but \centering
  • Do not use \epsfig but \includegraphic from graphicx
  • Do not use floats on a poster as this does not make sense

    % arara: pdflatex
    \usepackage{showframe} % for demo
    \noindent\fbox{% % for demo
    } % for demo

enter image description here


I found a solution to the problem myself: eliminate the figure(begin end) and just enclose something like

The caption I do in the text.

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    don't use the plain tex \centerline in latex (it can place things oddly by trying to make a new paragraph); also, probably best not to use \epsfig (it comes from a reimplementation of an obsolete latex 2.09 package, and confuses old fogies like me :-} ) Oct 2, 2013 at 10:56

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