I would like to keep the way my citations are presented to be uniform. When I enter a citation after I declare my theorem it's in italic just like the text for the theorem. Whereas the citations in the body of the text are not. I'm currently using


to make the number in the square bracket bold.

for instance what I would like: Theorem 2.1 [3] statement

what I currently have is: Theorem 2.1 [3] statement

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You could (re)define \@cite appropriately:


\def\@cite#1#2{{\normalfont[{\bfseries#1\if@tempswa , #2\fi}]}}




\bibitem{testA} Author A. Title A. 2013

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Using the code above, both the number and the eventual note produced through the optional argument of \cite will be bold-faced; to have just the number, but not the note in bold-face font, you could use

\def\@cite#1#2{{\normalfont[{\bfseries#1}\if@tempswa , #2\fi]}}
  • or, taking a cue from \eqref in amsmath, {\textup{[{\bfseries#1...}]}} Sep 2, 2013 at 13:41

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