I am trying to use a piece of highlighted code using the minted package inside a tabu table:



function out = op(x, y)
    out = x + y;
        & \\

With the above MWE I tried to place a minted environment inside a tabu cell analogously to what was done with the Verbatim environment explained within the tabu package documentation in section 1.3 "Inserting Verbatim material (fancyvrb)". However, by compiling the above MWE I get the following error message:

Enter file name: 
! Emergency stop.
<read *> 

l.15     \end{tabu*}
*** (cannot \read from terminal in nonstop modes)

If I try to compile the document in scroll mode (-interaction=scrollmode with XeLaTeX from MiKTeX), I just get a command prompt with Enter file name:.

How can the minted environment be used within a tabu table?

  • minted is very different from Verbatim, because it has to write its contents in a file, then call an external program and input the resulting file.
    – egreg
    Sep 3, 2013 at 12:44
  • @egreg Thank you for your comment. I know that minted uses these temporary files. What makes me curious is that if I just press my Enter key twice in scrollmode the output is generated as expected without an additional error.
    – DigNative
    Sep 3, 2013 at 12:51
  • I believe it has to do with the multiple passes tabu does on cell entries.
    – egreg
    Sep 3, 2013 at 12:58
  • @egreg I don't know. I am not able to figure out where the problem is and I was also not able to find anything regarding the utilization of minted inside a tabu table on the web.
    – DigNative
    Sep 3, 2013 at 13:04
  • 1
    Usual caveat about tabu: the author has long promised a new version, stating it will have a number of incompatibilities with the current one. My advice is to contact the author.
    – egreg
    Sep 3, 2013 at 13:06

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This is more of a hack than a real fix. minted correctly creates the highlighted content, and the content is correctly brought in. But at some point, minted's \minted@pygmentize macro tries to \input a file that "doesn't exist." I put "doesn't exist" in quotes because I've tried minted with all file deletion disabled, and still get the error--so it seems to be related to tabu's multiple passes. Anyway, the Enter file name: can be avoided by patching tabu*. Basically, replace every \input with an \InputIfFileExists. Insert the following in the preamble, after tabu is loaded, and you document will compile.

  • Thank you very much! I am now able to compile my document without any errors.
    – DigNative
    Sep 6, 2013 at 8:07

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