When I use tabulation inside the minted environment in pdflatex, they show as normal (several spaces).

But when I use xelatex, they appear as ^^I.

Example (before each letter a b c, there is space-tabulation-space) :


    a    b   c  

In pdflatex I obtain :

result from pdflatex

Using xelatex, I obtain :

result from xelatex

I tried different things to obtain the same behavior for tabulation in xelatex, but did not succeed. How can I do to obtain correct tabulation in minted under xelatex ?


You're going to want to put xelatex into 8bit mode, thereby preventing the escaping of the tab character into a control character.


xelatex -8bit -shell-escape file.tex

See G. Poore's comment for more details.


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