Here is the tex file which I encounter to this error, the result has no problem but the software show this error and I can't understand what is wrong (as the pdf result is ok!). So I will be glad if somone say me what is wrong or if there is nothing wrong say me how I can make the software to don't show it again.

     & X\ar[r]^f\ar@{}[dr]|(0.35){\big\circlearrowleft} & Y\\
     \exists Z\subseteq X\;s.t. & Bl_Z(X)\ar[u]^{\pi}\ar@{.>}[ur]_{\exists f'} &

You used a \big command without adding a delimiter behind. Not sure what that was for, I suppose you were trying to get a larger \circlearrowleft? In that case, since you have loaded graphicx package already, you can try something like \scalebox{2}{\(\circlearrowleft\)}.

  • Thank you so much, it was exactly what I need, new result is better, I mean size of \circlearrowleft. – AmirHosein Sadeghimanesh Sep 7 '13 at 9:29

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