I have a new idea but it seems I don't know how to realise... as always!

I am doing some experiments with moderncv, and I would like to introduce folding marks like in scrlttr2 (KOMA 2 Letter format) - possibly on the cover letter only, not in the CV pages.

I did the following: I created a copy of moderncv in my local package repository (on Mac with MacTex: ~/Library/textmf/tex/latex) and registered it (with sudo texhash).

Since I am not familiar with the (sometimes) convoluted LaTeX commands that go beyond the normal usage, I diligently copied all the commands from scrlttr2.cls featuring the word "fold" to the beginning of my copy of moderncv.cls, just after the \ProvidesClass{moderncv} expression (line 13). Then I tried to compile my copy of the moderncv template, getting a few errors due to some missing expression that was required by the code I pasted. I identified those expressions in scrlttr2.cls and copied them in my copy of moderncv.cls as well. I reiterated this process a few times, until I got stuck. The code I added is the following:

    \expandafter\let\csname ltr@len@#1\endcsname=\z@%
      pseudo-length \expandafter\string\csname ltr@len@#1\endcsname
      already defined%
      You tried to define a new pseudo-length using
      which is already defined. Try another name or
      Don't use this KOMA-Script internal macro}
  \vskip #1%
  \vskip -#1\ignorespaces%
    \typeout{Foldmarks: yes}%
    \typeout{Foldmarks: no}%

I also changed \newcommand*{\opening}[1]{\def\@opening{#1}} into \newcommand*{\opening}[1]{\def\@foldmarks\@opening{#1}} since something similar was also happening in scrlttr2.cls.

Now, apart from a few instructions still referring to scrlttr2 (like \ClassError{scrlttr2}{% for instance), I get the following error when I compile:

This is pdfTeX, Version 3.1415926-2.5-1.40.14 (TeX Live 2013
Processing: ./template.tex
Document Class: moderncv 2013/04/29 v1.5.1 modern curriculum vitae and letter document class
LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `OMS/qpl/m/n' undefined
Latex Error: ./template.tex:68 Undefined control sequence.
LaTeX Font Warning: Font shape `T1/lmss/sb/n' undefined
LaTeX Warning: Citation `book1' on page 3 undefined on input line 145.
LaTeX Font Warning: Some font shapes were not available, defaults substituted.
LaTeX Warning: There were undefined references.
Output written on template.pdf (3 pages, 216601 bytes).
Complete transcript is in template.log
Found 1 errors, and 5 warnings in 1 runs
/Users/stefano/Library/Application\ Support/TextMate/Managed/Bundles/LaTeX.tmbundle/Support/bin/latexmk.pl -pdf -f -r /tmp/latexmkrc "template.tex" exited with status 12

The complaining command is \makelettertitle, the command that takes care of the rendering of the letter opening. I tried to figure out what else to change, but it is beyond my understanding. Can someone please explain me what I am missing and how to proceed? Thanks.


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We can try to hijack the values for the fold mark positions provided by KOMA-Script and draw them with TikZ. This should work with any document class, I think.



          \expandafter\let\csname notscr@len@##1\endcsname=\z@%
        \glueexpr \csname notscr@len@##1\endcsname\relax}%
          \setlength{\@tempskipa}{\glueexpr ##3\relax}%
          \edef\@tempa{\endgroup\def\expandafter\noexpand\csname notscr@len@##2\endcsname{\the\@tempskipa}}%
          \setlength{\@tempskipa}{\glueexpr ##3\relax}%
          \edef\@tempa{\endgroup\def\expandafter\noexpand\csname ltr@len@##2\endcsname{\the\@tempskipa}}%
        \global\expandafter\let\csname @##1\expandafter\endcsname\csname notscr@len@##1\endcsname

    \csname @#1foldmark#2\endcsname
    \expandafter\def\csname @#1foldmark#2\endcsname{#3}%

    \expandafter\newif\csname if@#1foldmark\endcsname
    \csname @#1foldmarktrue\endcsname
    \csname if@#1foldmark\endcsname
    \csname @#1foldmarktrue\endcsname
    \csname @#1foldmarkfalse\endcsname

    \ifdim \foldmarkdim{p}{length}=\z@
    \ifdim \foldmarkdim{t}{length}=\z@
    \ifdim \foldmarkdim{m}{length}=\z@
    \ifdim \foldmarkdim{b}{length}=\z@
    \ifdim \foldmarkdim{l}{length}=\z@

      \begin{tikzpicture}[overlay, remember picture, line width=\foldmarkdim{}{thickness}]
        \foreach \mark in {p, t, m, b} {
            \ifdim \foldmarkdim{\mark}{vpos}=\z@\else
                (current page.north west) ++(\foldmarkdim{}{hpos},-\foldmarkdim{\mark}{vpos})
                -- +(\foldmarkdim{\mark}{length},0);
        \foreach \mark in {l} {
            \ifdim \foldmarkdim{\mark}{hpos}=\z@\else
                (current page.north west) ++(\foldmarkdim{\mark}{hpos},-\foldmarkdim{}{vpos})
                 -- +(0,-\foldmarkdim{\mark}{length});




Usage notes:

  • KOMA-Script needs to be installed in order to find the .lco files with the dimensions (or you can write your own).
  • You can load the dimensions using \loadfoldmarkdims{<filename>}. I called \loadfoldmarkdims{DIN} in to provide some default values. This command is a bit hacky, since I just disabled all commands used in the .lco file that I do not care about. I successfully tested it with all the .lco files shipped with KOMA-Script except visualize.lco (which should not matter).
  • You can enable and disable fold marks with \foldmarkenable{<mark>} and \foldmarkdisable{<mark>}, where <mark> is one of p, t, m, b and l. By default, all are enabled.
  • You can manually set the fold mark dimensions using \setfoldmarkdim{<mark>}{<dim>}{<value>}, where <mark> is as above or empty and <dim> is a matching value of hpos, vpos, length or thickness.
  • The rules laid out in section 22.1.1 ("Fold Marks") of the KOMA-Script manual apply.
  • Put \drawfoldmarks on any page where you want fold marks.

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