Is it possible (and if so, 'how?') to have multiple indices (via imakeidx) in the documentation for a package/class file, and include the codeline index and change log without completely redefinining \CodelineIndex, \RecordChanges, the macro environment, etc.?

I've been reading through the doc source/documentation in an attempt to figure out if it would be possible to redefine the index commands themselves (so \CodelineIndex et al. wouldn't even need to be touched), but so far haven't found any useful information.


Silly me; I was looking for the answer in the wrong place and just answered my own question.

Answer Use the splitindex option, eg. \RequirePackage[splitindex]{imakeidx}

imakeidx provides the splitindex option which (as you might expect) allows all index entries to be written to a single file, then split out by the splitindex script. This means that conflicting (or absent) macros like \@indexfile are still there, and everything works as expected.

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