I need draw some picture, but I don't know how do that.

First, the simple graph with basic shapes, arrow,.... enter image description here

And then, draw a picture with math symbol or equation in math environment. Like that: enter image description here

Please help me draw two picture. And if you don't mind, please show me some tools which can help me draw easily and generate to latex code, or some document help me learnt quickly. Thanks for your help


One possibility; the first diagram was drawn using a matrix; the second one, using chains:



  matrix of nodes,
    inner sep=10pt
  nodes in empty cells,
  column sep=2cm,
  row sep=-9pt
\matrix[net] (mat)
|[plain]| \parbox{1.3cm}{\centering Input\\layer} & |[plain]| \parbox{1.3cm}{\centering Hidden\\layer} & |[plain]| \parbox{1.3cm}{\centering Output\\layer} \\
& |[plain]| \\
|[plain]| & \\
& |[plain]| \\
  |[plain]| & |[plain]| \\
& & \\
  |[plain]| & |[plain]| \\
& |[plain]| \\
  |[plain]| & \\
& |[plain]| \\    };
\foreach \ai [count=\mi ]in {2,4,...,10}
  \draw[<-] (mat-\ai-1) -- node[above] {Input \mi} +(-2cm,0);
\foreach \ai in {2,4,...,10}
{\foreach \aii in {3,6,9}
  \draw[->] (mat-\ai-1) -- (mat-\aii-2);
\foreach \ai in {3,6,9}
  \draw[->] (mat-\ai-2) -- (mat-6-3);
\draw[->] (mat-6-3) -- node[above] {Ouput} +(2cm,0);

  inner sep=2pt,
  join = by -latex
  inner sep=2pt,
  join = by -latex
start chain=2,node distance=13mm
\node[on chain=2] 
  (x2) {$x_2$};
\node[on chain=2,join=by o-latex] 
\node[on chain=2,init] (sigma) 
\node[on chain=2,squa,label=above:{\parbox{2cm}{\centering Activate \\ function}}]   
\node[on chain=2,label=above:Output,join=by -latex] 
\begin{scope}[start chain=1]
\node[on chain=1] at (0,1.5cm) 
  (x1) {$x_1$};
\node[on chain=1,join=by o-latex] 
  (w1) {$w_1$};
\begin{scope}[start chain=3]
\node[on chain=3] at (0,-1.5cm) 
  (x3) {$x_3$};
\node[on chain=3,label=below:Weights,join=by o-latex] 
  (w3) {$w_3$};
\node[label=above:\parbox{2cm}{\centering Bias \\ $b$}] at (sigma|-w1) (b) {};

\draw[-latex] (w1) -- (sigma);
\draw[-latex] (w3) -- (sigma);
\draw[o-latex] (b) -- (sigma);

\draw[decorate,decoration={brace,mirror}] (x1.north west) -- node[left=10pt] {Inputs} (x3.south west);


enter image description here

  • Thanks. can you introduce me some document or software about tikz? – phuong Sep 10 '13 at 6:20
  • @phuong the pgf manual has numerous examples and some nice inroductory tutorials: mirrors.ctan.org/graphics/pgf/base/doc/generic/pgf/… There's also a shorter document: cremeronline.com/LaTeX/minimaltikz.pdf (I've never used this last one). – Gonzalo Medina Sep 10 '13 at 12:55
  • Thanks you for your document. It's very useful. I just need 1 requirement. on the second graph, I want to remove a vertical line of circle. I tried hard but not done. Would you please help me again? – phuong Sep 10 '13 at 17:01
  • @phuong Sure! The problem is I am not sure exactly which line you are referring to. Do you want to suppress the arrow going from "Bias b" to the "Sigma"? – Gonzalo Medina Sep 10 '13 at 17:49
  • No, not bias. I want to remove circles between x_1 & w_1; x_2 &w_2; x_3 and W_3. You can see again my graph on question to know exactly. – phuong Sep 11 '13 at 6:09

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