I m using Biblatex with polyglossia and although I set german as my default language, the bibliography shortcuts are still in english. Here is a minimal working example:


author = {Grothendieck, A.},
title = {Sur quelques points d'algebre homologique, I},
language = {fr},
journal = {Tohoku Mathematical Journal},
volume = {9},
year = {1957},
pages = {119-221},

 backrefpage = {zit. auf S.},
 backrefpages = {zit. auf S.},

This is a citation of \cite{Grothendieck}.

With this I get "pp." instead of "S." and "cit. on p." instead of "zit. auf S.". How can I fix that? Thanks in advance.

  • Joseph Wright of the biblatex team has just worked out why the polyglossia support didn't work properly. I have just incorporated his fix into the biblatex 2.8 DEV version on SF if you would like to try it (and leave a comment on the github issue for this - github.com/plk/biblatex/issues/69) – PLK Sep 28 '13 at 12:55

biblatex has removed the support for polyglossia (probably because of a bug which appeared some time ago). Either use \usepackage[ngerman]{babel} (it will work fine with XeLaTeX/luaLaTeX), or use language=german in the options of biblatex.

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