While making lecture slides with XeTeX & beamer I stumbled across a problem with the exclusion of certain slides in handout mode.

Since this appears to be spurious I have difficulties in providing a minimal code example right now.

I have one slide contents in a separate file, which contains a list of \onslide<i>{} points. I include this file several times in order to go through the list step by step intermixing it with other slides on the beamer. On the handout on the other hand I only want to show the full list once.

\begin{frame}<beamer:1-3>{title}  % should appear both on the beamer and in the handout

\begin{frame}{other title}        % beamer & handout

\begin{frame}<beamer:4-6| handout:0>{title}   % on beamer only

What happens if I do it like this, is that contents from the suppressed frame suddenly appears two slides later down the road on the handouts.

I have been using beamer for several years and many lectures by now - am I missing something here? Some (stupid) mistake from my side?

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    What happens if you don't use underscores in your files? – Werner Sep 12 '13 at 5:59
  • user36478 did you try with files lacking underscores in their names? Any change in behavior? – Paul Gessler Feb 17 '15 at 2:03

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