I'd like to create a figure consisting of two subfigures without using the caption or subcaption package since these two packages seem to destroy my template. But all the solutions for subfigures I could find in the Internet use these two packages. What other possibilities do I have? I want the two figures in a 2-column layout to cover both columns and each figure should be 1 column width.

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    You could use the subfig package without caption package: \usepackage[caption=false]{subfig}. (Actually this still loads caption3.sty but this does not make any harm since this will not re-define anything but only provide a library for typesetting captions used by the subfig package internally.)
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    Sep 12, 2013 at 7:26

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Using minipages and a new counter you can produce your subfigures without any packages at all; you can also define a command to provide subcaptions:



  \ifdim \wd\@tempboxa >\hsize
    \global \@minipagefalse

\Scaption{this is the caption for the left subfigure}
\Scaption{this is the caption for the right subfigure, spanning two lines}
References to subfigures~\ref{sfig:testa} and~\ref{sfig:testb}


enter image description here

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