The following is a snippet of the original. It works..,

\usepackage{tikz} % drawing support
  \begin{tikzpicture}[yscale=-1,scale=1,label/.style={postaction={decorate,decoration={ markings, mark=at position .5 with \node #1;}} }]
    \node at (0,0) (node0) [inner sep=0pt,minimum width=1mm,circle,draw=blue] {1};                       % node#1 

The label style is primarily for edges which don't appear in the snippet above. However, I'd like to label the nodes, too: change the \node line to:

\node at (0,0) (node0) [inner sep=0pt,minimum width=1mm,circle,draw=blue] [label=60:X] {1};                       % node#1 

which is intended to put the letter "X" at a 60 degree angle from the node.

Tikz then "blesses" me with a

Package tikz Error: A node must have a (possibly empty) label text.

I've tried numerous combinations of [] {} etc, and haven't gotten the code to work.


As TikZ already has already a label option (see section 16.10 The Label and Pin Options in the pgfmanual) you can not define your own style calling it label (moreover with a different aim).

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