I was doing some homework in LaTeX, and I wanted to put some blank space below a subparagraph heading so that I could draw a diagram in after printing it out. For the subparagraphs where I had content before the spacing, using \vspace worked fine to insert blank space. However, when I tried putting a \vspace directly after a \subparagraph, like

\subparagraph{some homework section}

the vertical space rendered above the subparagraph heading rather than below it. I temporarily fixed it by adding a \quad before the \vspace, but that feels hacky and I would rather know the reason it's exhibiting this behavior. This occurred with both \vspace and \vspace*

  • @GonzaloMedina How do I do that? Edit: Oh. Sep 13 '13 at 0:48

When you use \vspace in vertical mode, \vspace simply executes a \vskip (in vertical mode) and this produces the undesired effect; just make sure to leave vertical mode using, for example, \mbox{} or \leavevmode directly (your \quad also causes to leave vertical mode):



\subparagraph{some homework section}



enter image description here

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