I need to refer to seven figures which are not continuous in sequence (say figures 5.3b, 5.3d, 5.3f, 5.4b, 5.4d, 5.5b, 5.5d).

When I am using


It prints

Figures 5.3b to 5.5b, 5.3d to 5.5d and 5.3f)

Note: the figures are from three different subfigures.

I do not want those "to" in between. How do I do it correctly?

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    Please do provide a full minimal example document that demonstrates the problem. The double-comma in @Mico's answer merely works-around the issue. What you're seeing could be a bug, or it could be a misunderstanding of what cleveref does, but without a ME it's impossible to tell. – Toby Cubitt Nov 18 '13 at 22:07

Something odd seems to be going on in your document, as cleveref doesn't normally engage in the type of behavior you say is occurring. How are the figures and subfigures constructed in your document? Please consider posting a full MWE (mininum working example) that generates the problem behavior you're looking to fix.

At any rate, the following should work for your setup:


See page 8 of the package's user guide for an explanation of how the double comma constructs work.

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