I would like to create nested boxes in LaTeX that look like this:

enter image description here

I know how to create the outside boxes, but I don't know how to create the thick black box inside.


With the CreateMySpace environment which is a LaTeX genetic picture environment, one can design a box that has several boxes within its structure.

Via the \fixedBoX{width}{height}{contents} command, one can determine the height and width of a box and its content.

Via the \itemNUNERALS commands, one can put the fixed-box at any position.

Via the \fboxrule one can change the thickness of a box.

% generate a box of fixed height and width
{\fbox{\hbox to #1 
{\parindent 0pt
\vtop to #2
{\strut #3%


\itemONE{15cm}{9cm}{\bfseries Topological Space $\mathbf {(X,\tau)}$\hfill   (homeomorphism)}
\itemTWO{14cm}{8cm}{\bfseries Hausdorff Space $\mathbf{T_2}$}
\itemTHREE{13cm}{7cm}{\bfseries Normal Space $\mathbf{T_4}$}
\itemFOUR{12cm}{6cm}{\bfseries Metric Space $\mathbf{(X,d)}$\hfill (isometry)}
\itemFIVE{11cm}{5cm}{\bfseries Normed Space $\mathbf{(X,|\cdot|)}$}
\itemSIX{10cm}{4cm}{\bfseries Inner-product Space $\mathbf{(X,<\cdot,\cdot>)}$}
\itemSEVEN{3cm}{2cm}{\bfseries Complete MS \par \bigskip Banach Space \par\bigskip Hilbert Space}


enter image description here


The key to this solution (apart from the nesting boxes), is using \stackinset to overlay the second box atop the original image. I guess the second key is the use of \Longstack, which allows the interline baselineskip to be set (as it was here to 1.4\baselineskip).

  \Longstack{Complete MS\\Banach Space\\Hilbert Space\\ }}}{\fboxrule=.75pt%
  \fbox{\stackunder{Topological Space $(\mathbf{X},\tau)$%
    {\fbox{\stackunder{Hausdorff Space $(\mathbf{X},\mathbf{T}_2)$}%
      {\fbox{\stackunder{Normal Space $(\mathbf{X},\mathbf{T}_4)$}%
        {\fbox{\stackunder{Metric Space $(\mathbf{X},\mathbf{d})$%
          {\fbox{\stackunder{Normal Space $(\mathbf{X}, \left|.\right|)$}%
             {\framebox[4.5in][l]{Inner-product Space $(\mathbf{X}, <\dots>)$%

enter image description here

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