I installed VIM plugin called VOom which has latex support for outlining sections and subsections and other commands. You can have a look here:


After installation, I tested tex files. :Voom command creates the two-pane window but there is no section or subsections outlined in the right window. I don't know what is going wrong. Is there any known conflict of this plugin with latex-suite itself?

The author provides a screen shot of how it works: http://vim-voom.github.io/pics/voom_latex.png

In the screenshot I see no latex-suite menus. That creates the suspicion that latex-suite might be interfering with this. Other type of files like *.vim file is working just fine.

It would have been great to have this feature working with vim-latex-suite. In case VOom does not work with latex-suite, anybody can suggest some other outlining alternatives?


The correct command is :Voom latex

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