I am writing my cv and with the following code

\geometry{a4paper,left=2cm,right=1cm, top=2cm, bottom=1.5cm,headheight=21pt} 
\title{Curriculum vit\ae{}}              



\cventry{Dec 01, 2010 -- Jan 01, 2011}{student assistant}{}{}{}{chair of statistics xxxx \newline student assistant as a tutor of statistics 2 }
\cventry{Jul 31, 2008 -- Sep 30, 2011}{matriculation Bachelor of Science x}{}{}{}{university of x}


I produce the following output


What I don't like is the line breaking of the date. In the first entry the "-" is in the second line and in the second entry it is in the first line. So I would prefer a more uniform formatting, so that the "-" is either in the first line or in the next line, but always the same and not switching. Any ideas?

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