After hearing of latex a few months ago and using the tex stackexchange numerous times to figure out problems I was having, this is actually going to be my 1st question.

I was trying to find a way to easily draw markings of angles. I came across a good answer here

However when I use the tkz-euclide package with the \tkzMarkAngle command it creates an angle marking on the outside instead. (ie reflex angle)

Here's a simple example




\coordinate (A) at (0,6); 
\coordinate (B) at (0,0); 
\coordinate (C) at (6,6);  
\draw (A)--(B)--(C)--cycle;


This gives me

enter image description here

\tkzMarkRightAngle works fine but I don't know why \tkzMarkAngle is doing what its doing. All the other examples I've seen have the acute angle being marked except for mine.

Amy help is appreciated.


Just invert the order of the points in this way:


enter image description here

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