After hearing of latex a few months ago and using the tex stackexchange numerous times to figure out problems I was having, this is actually going to be my 1st question.

I was trying to find a way to easily draw markings of angles. I came across a good answer here

However when I use the tkz-euclide package with the \tkzMarkAngle command it creates an angle marking on the outside instead. (ie reflex angle)

Here's a simple example




\coordinate (A) at (0,6); 
\coordinate (B) at (0,0); 
\coordinate (C) at (6,6);  
\draw (A)--(B)--(C)--cycle;


This gives me

enter image description here

\tkzMarkRightAngle works fine but I don't know why \tkzMarkAngle is doing what its doing. All the other examples I've seen have the acute angle being marked except for mine.

Amy help is appreciated.


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Just invert the order of the points in this way:


enter image description here

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