Hi I am creating a table but am having trouble inserting a horizontal line at the base of my line. My code is:

\documentclass[11pt, oneside, a4paper]{book}

\usepackage[top=2cm, bottom=2cm, left=1.5in, right=2cm]{geometry}


\begin{tabular} { >{\centering\arraybackslash} m{4cm} | >{\centering\arraybackslash} m{4cm} | >{\centering\arraybackslash} m{2cm} | >{\centering\arraybackslash} m{2cm} }
\bfseries{Model} & \bfseries{Description} & \bfseries{x} & \bfseries{x} \\ \hline
x & x & x& x\\ 


when I take the \hline command out it works and appears to be the problem, how do I get the horizontal line to be drawn?

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  • Just a remark: use \textbf{Model} instead of \bfseries{Model}. \bfseries is a switch and has to be used like {\bfseries Model} – karlkoeller Sep 16 '13 at 16:26

There is no error in your code.

You just have to load the arydshln package after array and longtable, as stated in its manual:

Only one caution given to users of array (v2.3m or later) and longtable (v4.10 or later) packages, included in Standard LaTeX Tools Bundle, and colortab and colortbl package is that arydshln has to be loaded after array, longtable, colortab and/or colortbl done.

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