I want to put a listing next to a schematic in one figure. The template of the journal, I am writing my article for, suggests using subfloats.

Here is my latex sourcecode,

    numbers=left,% display line numbers on the left side 
    numberstyle=\scriptsize,% use small line numbers 
    numbersep=10pt,% space between line numbers and code 
    breaklines=true,% automatic line breaking     
    morekeywords={input, output, clb, pinlist, subblock, tcon, parameter}
\begin{lrbox}{\tconlist}% Store first listing
.parameter $sel_0$
.parameter $sel_1$

.input i0
pinlist: i0p
.input i1
pinlist: i1p
.input o0
pinlist: o0p

.output o1
pinlist: o1p

.tcon i0p o0p $\neg sel_0$
.tcon i0p o1p $\neg sel_1$
.tcon i1p o0p $sel_0$
.tcon i1p o1p $sel_1$

\subfloat{\includegraphics[width=0.25\textwidth, trim = 60mm 80mm 145mm 35mm, clip]{2x2crossbar_schema}} 
\caption{A schematic of a $2{\times}2$~crossbar switch functionality represented by 4 TCONs and the corresponding TCON netlist}

This results in the following image, enter image description here

How can I align the two floats to the top of the page?


By default, minipages are vertically centered. That is, their anchor point is given halfway up/down the minipage. Since you're placing the lstlisting inside a minipage, it makes sense that it's anchored in the middle.

What you're looking for is either a [t]op or [b]ottom-aligned minipage:

\begin{lrbox}{\tconlist}% Store first listing
\small\begin{minipage}[b]{<len>}% Perhaps also try [t]
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