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I have a report with several chapters and 2 appendices. I have roman page numbering before chapter 1 (for table of contents, table of figures, etc) and I have arabic page numbering from chapter 1 until the end. However, I would like my 2 appendices to switch to roman page numbering, starting from i (1 in arabic numbering).

This is the code that was generated by LyX for the 1st appendix:

\begin_layout Standard
\begin_inset Newpage newpage

\begin_layout Chapter
Content of the Appendix 1.

I have tried to add the \pagenumbering{roman} in several places near the start of the appendix chapter but it does not work.

Thank you very much.

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Insert an ERT with \clearpage\pagenumbering{roman} just before you start the appendices.

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