Is there a way to get Asymptote 3D figures in a PDF viewable in Evince/Okular? All what I can get is a very bad rastered image in place of my figure.

I don't care about the interaction with the 3D figure. I would be happy to get a clean vector graphics 2D projection (from a certain viewpoint) in a PDF file. My target is to include it in a LaTeX document that can be reliably opened with Evince/Okular.

  • Evince Version: 2.28.2
  • Asymptote Version: 2.16

I am trying the very basic 3D example of unit circle:

import three;
path3 g=(1,0,0)..(0,1,0)..(-1,0,0)..(0,-1,0)..cycle;

Rastered Image:

enter image description here enter image description here

3D view in Acroread

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There are several options to get 3d asy viewable in other viewers than Acrobat reader (without interactive 3d feature). The options -noprc and -render=<num> have to be specified. The command asy -f pdf -noprc -render=0 results in vector output (there are some limitations, esp. when transparency is used to draw surfaces) and the other way is, for example, asy -f pdf -noprc -render=4 (or higher than 4) will generate a higher quality raster image. This is a vector output viewed in Evince: enter image description here

Versions used are:

  • Evince Version: 3.2.1
  • Asymptote Version: 2.24,

but it should work with your versions as well.

  • 1
    And how could we get both, a scalable vector graphics as the poster imgage and an interactive 3D model that opens on click on those Readers which support it?
    – AlexG
    Sep 18, 2013 at 17:52
  • @AlexG: It's a good question, never thought about it. Not sure if these options are mutually exclusive.
    – g.kov
    Sep 18, 2013 at 18:09
  • 1
    asy -f pdf -render=0 produces both, a preview as vector graphics and the PRC.
    – AlexG
    Mar 17, 2014 at 11:21

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