I'm relatively new to LaTeX and I've used Microsoft Word so far for virtually all work with documents. For college, to use own question-and-answer reference cards, I decided once to split a portrait page (odd) and its adjacent page (even) in four equal cells with a 4x4 table.

On the compound face side I have questions and on the flip side - the respective answers. The cells are aligned and properly ordered as if mirrored on the long side of the page.

The design of a cell is nothing fancy, just a three-cell table in every face-side cell with a header split in a wide and a narrow cells, while the flip side is an empty cell.

This has worked out well, so far. But now we've moved to Linux and I don't have Microsoft Word. And there's a presentation looming at which I wanted to hand out some of my refcards.

Since I have too little time to wade through the manuals, which I do want to do later on, I would like to ask for a few hints as to what packages/classes and functions/methods I need to reproduce the layout for such a two-sided reference card so I can look up what's necessary only.

I'm concerned most with the specifications of a template, as I would like to have to specify the layout once and just use--if possible--delimiters per refcard and face/flip side within the body of the document.

Other than this, when printing, I would like to have the same layout as before, i.e., four face-side questions with four mirrored flip-side answers--unless there is a better way to do the individual flipping while printing multiple refcards per sheet.

I'm an experienced programmer and have used the LaTeX-like notation in MS Word for mathematical formulae. So I'd appreciate a reference to some sources of a similar layout to I can see what I need to replicate just as much as direct answers.

As @Fran's accepted answer has brought my attention to the package called flashcards, a quick search gave me a list of the suitable packages/styles/document classes for such a purpose as visual cards (and another as well), obtainable at the CTAN Catalog under "Exams."


May be some like this?

Page 1: MWE1

Page 2: MWE2

Source code:




\begin{flashcard}[Write it on the blackboard]{Reaction producing barium sulphate?}
\Large \ce{SO4^2- + Ba^2+ -> BaSO4 v}

 {\large Act swiftly awesome pachyderm.} \\  
(Dr Seuss' story \emph{Horton Hears a Who})


% source image on 
% http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/b8/HortonHearsAWhoBookCover.jpg 

\begin{flashcard}[Question]{How many types of people understand binary code?}
There are 10 types: \\[2ex]Those who understand binary, \\and those who don't.

\begin{flashcard}[Question]{How to make flashcards?\\[1ex]

\Large Type \texttt{texdoc flashcards} \color{red}  !!!

% SVG image converted to PDF with inkscape, source on 
% http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/a/a8/Puzzld.svg


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