I have not been able to find a solution to the following problem in the ulem documentation. Could somebody help, please?

When I use a ulem macro to strike through some text in the tabular environment I would like the text to be aligned still. I think the following MWE demonstrates the problem.

Many thanks,


\newcommand\tst{ % thick strike through


\begin{frame}  \frametitle{Meeting Times}
Lecture Hours: & &\tst{{Tue. 17h00}} & \tst{\emph{S117}}\\
               & & Tue. 14h00  & \emph{KB118}\\
               & & Thu. 16h00  & \emph{S117}\\[.5ex]
Tutorials      & \textbf{3B} & Tue. 10h00 & \emph{SR2027} \\
               & \tst{\textbf{3A}} & \tst{Tue. 14h00} & \tst{\emph{KB118}}\\[.5ex]


The way you have written command \tst introduces an unwanted space which breaks column alignment. If you look at ulem manual, will see

\newcommand\cmd{\bgroup \markoverwith{hsomethingi}\ULon}

without any separation before \ULon command. So just change your code to

\newcommand\tst{ % thick strike through
  \markoverwith{\textcolor{red}{\rule[.8ex]{1pt}{0.8pt}}}% <- add %

and your tabular will look well aligned.

enter image description here

If you want to read something else about unwanted spaces, look at (for example):

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  • Great. That worked perfectly. Many thanks. – healyp Sep 19 '13 at 14:45

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